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  • 建筑幕墙常用的4类玻璃
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Commonly used glass for building curtain walls includes toughened glass, semi tempered glass and laminated glass and insulating glass made of them.


Glass screen wall

  1. 钢化玻璃(Fully Tempered glass) 钢化玻璃是将浮法玻璃在钢化炉中均匀加温至620℃,使之轻度软化膨胀,再在其表面吹冷空气使之迅速冷却,使其表面产生拉应力,强度设计值和耐冲击性能大幅提高,并且玻璃破碎后成小颗粒状。

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The 1. tempered glass (Fully Tempered glass) tempered glass is to warm the float glass evenly in the tempered furnace to 620 C, so that the mild softening and expansion of the glass, then cooling the air on the surface of the glass, so that the surface produces tensile stress, the strength design value and the impact resistance are greatly improved, and the glass is broken into small particles after the glass is broken. Like.

2.半钢化玻璃(Heat Strength glass) 半钢化玻璃制作的热处理过程与钢化玻璃类似,只是冷却方法不同,吹风强度降低,冷却时间长。其机械性能也有较大提高,破碎时会有大的碎片和放射状的裂纹,与普通玻璃的破碎状态类似,但碎片一般没有锋利的尖角。

The heat treatment process of the 2. semi tempered glass (Heat Strength glass) semi tempered glass is similar to that of the tempered glass, but the cooling method is different, the blowing strength is reduced, and the cooling time is long. Its mechanical properties are also greatly improved, when broken, there will be large fragments and radiate cracks, similar to the broken state of ordinary glass, but the fragments generally have no sharp sharp corners.

3.夹层玻璃(Laminated glass) 夹层玻璃是由一层玻璃与一层或多层玻璃、塑料材料夹中间层而成的玻璃制品。幕墙用的夹层玻璃的中间层通常采用PVB或EVA膜。

3. laminated glass (Laminated glass) laminated glass is made of glass and one or more layers of glass and plastic materials sandwiched between the middle layer of glass products. The intermediate layer of laminated glass used for curtain wall is usually made of PVB or EVA film.

4.中空玻璃(Insulating glass) 中空玻璃是由两片或多片玻璃以有效支撑均匀隔开并周边粘结密封,使玻璃层间形成有干燥气体空间的制品。

4. hollow glass (Insulating glass) hollow glass is made of two or more pieces of glass to be effectively supported and evenly spaced and sealed around, making the glass layer form a product with a dry gas space between the glass layers.