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  • 防火玻璃成为建筑师追逐的目标
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Fire can bring warmth to people and roast cooked food, but once the fire becomes bigger and bigger, it will become dangerous. Especially when the weather is dry, pay special attention to caution. Of course, human intelligence is very high. It can be prevented by using fireproof materials for residential environment.


The basic fire-fighting equipment and extinguisher can be seen in corners and walls. Zhejiang Xixi Glass Co., Ltd. advised households to install safety for their homes, such as fire partition, fire resistant glass windows and doors, which are good measures.


Fireproof glass


Fireproof glass is a special kind of glass which can maintain its integrity and heat insulation in the prescribed fire test. The fire proof glass has the same optical and mechanical properties as ordinary glass in normal condition. It can also slow down the heat transmission, slow down the smoke and fire spread and minimize the fire damage in the case of fire.  Lost. In some important occasions with special requirements, fireproof glass plays a decisive role.


In addition, the permeability and magnificent effects of the fireproof glass make the fireproof glass a goal that modern architects are willing to pursue. The advantage of using fireproof glass as a fireproof separator is not only to improve the aesthetic and lighting effects of the building, but also to be lighter than the traditional wall, and to improve the effective use area of the building. In construction.