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  • 防火玻璃的分类和应用
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Fireproof glass can be divided into 5 kinds: sandwich compound fire resistant glass, fireproof glass, special fireproof glass, hollow fireproof glass and high strength single layer cesium potassium fireproof glass.

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Sandwich composite fireproof glass:


The common products on the market are made up of two or two layers of flat glass sandwiched with transparent fireproofing adhesives. When the fire glass is in fire, the adhesive will quickly expand and form an adiabatic fire insulation foam layer, which can absorb a lot of heat. When a fire breaks down, it can also bond broken glass sheets to keep the integrity of fireproof glass and not hurting people.


The fireproof glass:


It is a composite vitreous made of two layers of glass, which is added into the interlayer of organic film or inorganic adhesive in the middle of glass.  After adding wire or net, it can not only improve the overall impact strength of the fireproof glass, but also connect with the electric heating and safety alarm system to play a variety of functions. The only defect of the fireproof glass is poor transmittance.


Special fireproof glass:


Special fireproof glass is glass that is made of glass substrate instead of ordinary glass. The fireproof glass of special materials (boron, aluminosilicate fireproof glass, microcrystalline fireproof glass) has high production cost, and the market price is expensive. People are more difficult to accept. Therefore, the market still uses transparent composite sandwich fireproof glass as a selling product.



Hollow fireproof glass:


Hollow fireproof glass is a new product of today's fire resistant glass. It integrates noise, noise, heat insulation and fire protection functions in a new type of glass. On the basis of making hollow glass, it only needs to be coated with a layer of metal salt on a glass substrate that may be exposed to fire or flame. After drying at a certain temperature and humidity, it is then processed into hollow glass doors, windows, partition, partition wall and fire protection glass, which are different in shape.


High strength single-chip fireproof glass with caesium and potassium:


High strength monolithic cesium potassium fireproof glass (chemical fireproof glass) is a new functional material for building. It has good transmittance and fire resistance. This transparent and safe glass can be used as a fireproof material for public buildings, such as high hotels, theater, exhibition halls, airports, gymnasiums, hospitals, libraries, commercial buildings, and other fireproof doors, fireproof windows and fireproof partition for other civil and public buildings without fire protection requirements.


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