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The curtain wall is also the exterior wall enclosure of the building, hanging like the curtain, also known as the curtain wall, also one of the main products of Zhejiang Xixi Glass Co., Ltd., supply optoelectronic curtain wall, fireproof curtain wall, our products are mainly aimed at fire protection and bring safety to consumers.


Point supported glass curtain wall is a new supporting way in recent years. According to different ways of supporting structure, point glass curtain wall can be divided into the following forms.


Fire curtain wall



Point type glass curtain wall with A. metal supporting structure


This is the most used form at present, it is used as a metal material to support the structure system, through metal connectors and fasteners to fasten the glass to it firmly on it, very safe and reliable. Making full use of the flexibility of metal structure to meet the needs of architectural modeling, people can clearly see the whole structural system of supporting glass through glass. The glittering and translucent glass and the sturdy and firm structure of metal are the embodiment of "beauty" and "force". The effect of "virtual" and "real" contrast has been enhanced.


B. all glass structure point glass curtain wall


Through the metal connectors and fasteners, the glass supporting structure (glass rib) and the panel glass are integrated into a whole, and become the building envelope. The construction is simple and the cost is low. The glass surface and rib form a wide field of vision, which makes people pleasing to the eye. The indoor and outdoor space of the building achieves the greatest degree of visual integration.


C. pull rod (cable) structure point glass curtain wall


Made of stainless steel and glass rod or parting corresponding supporting structure of curtain wall made of cable. Glass is fixed with a metal connector. In the building, the precision of the equipment is fully processed, so that all the components are subjected to the pull rod. Therefore, the construction should be prestressing in the construction. This flexible connection can reduce the breakage rate of the glass when the vibration is vibrate.